The Finnish Expatriate Parliament was established in year 1997 by Finland Society together with Finnish organisations abroad, as a joint forum of societies. Consulting Finns abroad is possible through the Finnish Expatriate Parliament.

FEP Session 2017, University of Helsinki Festive hall. Photo: Petra Lönnqvist Finland100.
The Finnish Expatriate Parliament is a (1) cooperative forum of expatriate and other Finnish organisations abroad, to decide jointly about matters important to them. Activities are primarily focused on decision-makers in Finland, whom the parliament informs about conditions and views of Finns abroad. The FEP offers to Finnish organisations abroad a (2) discussion and information channel, both towards Finns abroad as well as towards Finland. The FEP is an (3) opinion maker whose adopted resolutions are passed on to Finnish officials, legislators and other societal parties, allowing to better observe improvements proposed by Finns abroad.

Finnish Expatriate Parliament 10th Session convenes online on June 11-12, 2021

The Finland Society will organise the Finnish Expatriate Parliament 10th Session digitally, on-line. Due to travel restrictions in place for health and safety reasons, we will bring the Session to you out there. The 543 Finnish organizations in 37 countries can meet and work in a Session at a customized digital platform. Registration is still open for persons until April 29, 2021 to all FEP societies which registered their organisations to the Session by March 10, 2021. Please fill in the Personal (Representatives, Observers) registration form in the internet, the link is with all other Session information here: 10th Session. Organisations are encouraged to send in addition to their representative with voting right (1-3, depending on membership size) also Observers whose number is not limited. Age, prior Session experience or IT skills are not required for a good Session experience.

We are about to create something unique in the Finnish Expatriate Parliament history! What a good moment for new organisations abroad to join the FEP! The Session is participated by Finnish organisations abroad which have ratified FEP by-laws – does one exist in your area? We will help. Nationality and language skills are not required but instead, membership in a Finnish society abroad. The Session offers a channel of many voices and societal participation. Registration help and more information: parliament secretary, Finland Society, [email protected], +358 (0)44 7109387.

Käsi, joka näpyttelee näppäimistöllä. Taustalla maapallo.Parliamentary simulation for young Finns abroad aged 16-30: EVENT POSTPONED TO APRIL 2021, REGISTRATION OPEN

Do you want to influence matters important to young Finns abroad? They are discussed and improvements to them are suggested jointly at the Parliamentary simulation in April 2021 (exact date to be informed). The simulation encourages to pass your questions and wishes to Finland’s decision makers. It also introduces the Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) which it loosely follows. However unlike at the FEP Session, simulation participants do not represent their Finnish societies abroad, but instead join in personal capacity. No prior knowledge about the FEP is necessary. Nor is Finnish citizenship required; having Finnish roots suffices. Participation is free of charge. The program is partly in Finnish, partly in English. The simulation takes place online, via a Zoom Meeting. Sign up to participate by the new deadline March 31, 2021. Read more: Finland Society home page. Also fun: Nuoret maailmalla site, Facebook event Parliament simulation and Instagram: @nuortensuomiseura

NEW: at the Finland Society Youtube channel video (in Finnish, with subtitles) our Central Europe chairperson of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament representative Kati Hognes tells about the parliament’s work and invites you to join her at the Parliament simulation.

Dual citizenship is our greatest joint achievement

Finland Society asked Finns abroad, what they consider as the greatest achievement of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament. For a clear majority of respondents (70 %) it is dual citizenship (2003). One-fifth (20 %) of respondents take as the most significant achievement the right to postal voting for those residing abroad during elections (2017, in use since 2019). Six per cent (6 %) of respondents lift to number one place support for language skills and culture of Finnish expatriate children. This work continues. More in the Finland Society magazine Finland Bridge 2-2020: page 3.

The 10th Session postponed to 2021

(2.10.2020) The Finland Society board decided, after hearing FEP Presidium, that the postponed 10. FEP Session will be held digitally. We remember, that the first change was made on March 18 2020, when the Finland Society board decided that due to the COVID-19 situation the Finnish Expatriate Parliament 10. Session had to be postponed by one year. However, a session that meets physically in Helsinki is not possible. We thank all the 144 Finnish organisations abroad which prior to postponement had already registered to the Session and all who by then had submitted a total of 69 initiatives. They go to the June 2021 digital Session, to which all FEP organisations will be invited again.

FINLAND SOCIETY OFFICE IS CLOSED DURING RENOVATION The property housing Finland Society office (at Mariankatu 8, Helsinki) is closed due to water pipe renovation, estimated to end by start of year 2021. Our staff works long-distance from homes. You reach us best by e-mail or by phone. We serve on weekdays 9am – 3pm. Due get in touch directly with the person you wish to reach: our staff contact details.

Session 2017 participants at session exhibition #stoltsverigefinne (#proudSwedishFinn) from Sweden

EXPATRIATE FINNS are a resource to Finland. Of them ca. 300 000 are citizens and over 254 000 are eligible to vote. Along with people of Finnish descent identifying themselves as such there are ca. 2 million Finns abroad. They make Finland and Finnish-ness known world over, and bring to Finland their know-how learned abroad. This dialogue is important to Finland; that the ties of Finns to their country of origin do not break. The FEP maintains a living connection to Finnish society.


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FEP ACTIVITIES ARE BASED ON motions submitted by Finnish organisations abroad and on the resolutions their representatives pass at the plenary session. All Finnish organisations abroad which accept FEP By-laws can join. There are no financial gains nor economic duties related to FEP activities. FEP Session convenes every 2-3 years and is a large expatriate Finnish event in Finland. The FEP is part of Finland Society (Suomi-Seura) which advances resolutions adopted by the Sessions together with FEP Speakers’ Council. These 8 regional FEP representatives support maintenance of dialogue between Finns abroad and Finland. Speakers’ council is led by the Speaker who is the current Finland Society chairman. In this manner, advocacy is part of Finland Society tasks as an expertise and service center for Finns living overseas, promoting their cause. This homepage is part of the Finland Society website.


WELCOME NEW YEAR AND NEW DECADE! In year 2020, Finnish Expatriate Parliament turns 23 years (founding date 5.8.1997).