The Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) was established in year 1997 by Finland Society together with Finnish organisations abroad, as a joint forum of societies. Consulting Finns abroad is possible through the FEP. The parliament’s activities are based on initiatives made by Finnish societies abroad and on resolutions adopted by representatives of societies at the Parliament Session.

FEP Session 2017, University of Helsinki Festive hall. Photo: Petra Lönnqvist Finland100.
The Finnish Expatriate Parliament is a (1) cooperative forum of expatriate and other Finnish organisations abroad, to decide jointly about matters important to them. Activities are primarily focused on decision-makers in Finland, whom the parliament informs about conditions and views of Finns abroad. The FEP offers to Finnish organisations abroad a (2) discussion and information channel, both towards Finns abroad as well as towards Finland. The FEP is an (3) opinion maker whose adopted resolutions are passed on to Finnish officials, legislators and other societal parties, allowing to better observe improvements proposed by Finns abroad.

Finnish Expatriate Parliament 10th Session 2021, online, adopted 70 resolutions!

The 10th Session was organised digitally, on-line, by the Finland Society, within its global and virtual Finland Village. Suomi-kylä was open all Session week 7.-13.6.2021, welcoming all Finns world over, 7/24. The FEP Session could be participated by the 543 Finnish societies and organisations in 37 countries which have ratified FEP By-laws. The Session is the year’s largest expatriate Finnish event in Finland. A total of 262 participants from 23 countries registered to the Session, so that 153 Finnish societies abroad sent 173 representatives and 89 observers A record number of initiatives was submitted to the Session. It adopted 70 resolutions on matters important to improve in lives of Finns abroad – see underneath their compilation with their yet to be language checked backgrounds, ahead of translation (into English, Swedish). Session minutes with decisions will be posted primarily by e-mail to all FEP societies and all Session participants.

Finland Society Chairman, FEP Speaker Markus Aaltonen sends to participants a special thanks for a successful session! More information: [email protected] and tel. +358 (0)9 6841210.


USP_paatoslauselmat_UFP_resolutioner_FEP_RESOLUTIONS_2021 – the 70 resolutions adopted by the 10th Session on 12.6.2021, as worked out by the nine Committees of the Session. This compilation of final resolutions with their yet to be language checked backgrounds will be amended by Speaker Council foreward and translated (into English, Swedish).

10. istunnon ohjelma – PROGRAM – the Plenary Session opened to those registered and to guests on Friday June 11 at 2 pm (hall 1:30pm, UCT +3h). General Debate was interrupted at 5pm, for Committee work. The Plenary resumed on Saturday at noon (hall 11:30am) and ended at 5pm.

Valiokunnat – Utskott – COMMITTEES worked the motions into resolution proposals on June 11 between 5.30 – 7pm (UCT +3)

Initiative Summary 2020-2021 – a summary of the 90 initiatives submitted by deadline (three months prior to the Session), with similar ones combined so that the Session deal with 70 initiatives.

Work report 2017-2021 – tells about the progress to advance the 2017 resolutions by the Speakers’ Council and Finland Society.

Puhemiehistö – Presidiet – Speakers’ Council 2021 – 202x

The eight FEP regions in the world chose in spring 2021 their regional representatives, who on confirmation by the 10th Session are FEP Speakers’ Council members (deputy speakers) from 12.6.2021 onwards. Above are their names and and a Session time screen shot, their introductions and contact details are under Speaker’s Council. In this wonderful video from the 10th Session, the outgoing eight Deputy Speakers introduce their regions!

In Finland Society Youtube channel video (Finnish, with subtitles) Kati Hognes, Central Europe region chairperson 2017-2021, tells about the parliament’s work. See also: website, Facebook page Finland Society and Instagram: @nuortensuomiseura

Visit Finland Society office in beautiful Kruunuhaka of Helsinki

Welcome to visit us at Finland Society, in Helsinki’s beautiful Kruunuhaka area!The FEP is part of Finland Society (Suomi-Seura) which advances resolutions adopted by the Sessions together with FEP Speakers’ Council. Together they maintain dialogue with Finnish decisionmakers. This way, advocacy is part of Finland Society whose task is to work for overseas Finns. page is part of Finland Society website.



Our greatest joint achievement is dual citizenship

Finland Society asked Finns abroad, what they consider as the greatest achievement of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament. For a clear majority of respondents (70 %) it is dual citizenship (2003). One-fifth (20 %) of respondents consider as most significant achievement the right to postal voting for those residing abroad during elections (2017, in use since 2019). For six per cent (6 %) of respondents our top achievement is support for language skills and culture of Finnish children abroad. This work continues. Read more: Finland Society magazine Finland Bridge 2-2020: p. 3.

Session 2017 participants at session exhibition #stoltsverigefinne (#proudSwedishFinn) from Sweden

EXPATRIATE FINNS are a resource to Finland. Of them ca. 300 000 are citizens and over 254 000 are eligible to vote. Along with people of Finnish descent identifying themselves as such there are ca. 2 million Finns abroad. They make Finland and Finnish-ness known world over, and bring to Finland their know-how learned abroad. This dialogue is important to Finland; that the ties of Finns to their country of origin do not break. The FEP maintains a living connection to Finnish society.