Ulkosuomalaisparlamentin istunto 2017, Helsingin yliopiston juhlasali. Kuva: Petra Lönnqvist Suomi100.
Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) was established in 1997 as a cooperative forum of expatriate organisations and of Finnish organisations abroad, where they decide together about matters they deem important. The activities are primarily focussed on decisionmakers in Finland, whom the parliament informs about conditions and views of Finns abroad.
The Finnish Expatriate Parliament offers expatriate Finnish organisations and other Finnish organisations abroad a discussion and information channel, both towards Finns abroad as well as towards Finland.
As an opinion maker, the FEP sees to that the resolutions adopted by its Session are passed on to decision-makers. This way Finnish officials, legislators and other societal parties can better observe the views and suggestions for improvement by expatriate Finns and Finns abroad.

Finnish Expatriate Parliament activities are based on motions submitted by Finnish organisations abroad and on the resolutions their representatives pass at the plenary session. All Finnish organisations abroad which accept FEP By-laws, can join. There are no financial gains nor economic duties related to FEP activities. Already 538 Finnish organisations abroad from 36 countries have joined.

TOPICAL NOW: the parliament Session convenes every 2-3 years. The 10th Session will be held on 11.-12.6.2020 at Finlandia Hall, Helsinki. The best time to submit motions to the session is now! Deadline for motions and for FEP organisations to register to the session (or new Finnish organisations to join by ratifying FEP rules) is 11.3.2020. Invitations were posted primarily by e-mail by 11.12.2019. Check your organisation’s e-post (even the spam post box). If necessary ask for a new invitation!

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament operates under Finland Society and its finance. Thanks to the FEP, expatriate Finns can be better heard. Since its birth 22 years ago, the FEP is part of the services to expatriate Finns and Finns abroad by Finland Society; their advisory, service and specialist organisation. This new FEP web page makes the link visible. Now usp.fi (or https://usp.fi) goes to USP home page which is part of Finland Society web page. Finland Society advances the resolutions adopted by the plenary session together with the FEP Speakers’ council. These eight FEP region representatives foster dialogue between Finns abroad and Finland. The Presidium’s work is led by Speaker who is Chairman of Finland Society.

Session 2017 participants at session side program, an exhibition from Sweden, named #stoltsverigefinne (#proudSwedishFinn)

Expatriate Finns (of whom ca. 300 000 are citizens) and those identifying themselves as Finns (ca. 2 million) are a resource to Finland. They make Finland and Finnish-ness known around the world, and bring to Finland their know-how learned abroad. This dialogue is important to Finland; that the ties of Finns to their country of origin do not break and that a living connection to Finnish society remains.