Your FEP region: United States and Latin America

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) (ulkosuomalaisparlamentti, USP) is divided geographically into seven regions. Moreover, Swedish-speaking Finns have their own global region. Each of the eight FEP regions have their own regional representative, who is elected by the region and which choice is confirmed by the parliament Session.

Your United States and Latin America region representative Hanna Wagner (Washington DC) and her deputy Teuvo Pulkkinen (San Diego, CA) are happy to tell more about activities of the Finnish societies, organisations and clubs in your region and about how your organisation can join the parliament activities.

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The regional representatives are deputy speakers of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament. Together with the Speaker they form FEP Speakers’ Council. The 9th Session in June 2017 confirmed for session period 2017-2020 Hanna as your region’s deputy speaker and Teuvo as her alternate. More about the work of the Speaker’s Council and introductions of its eight members are HERE.

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament has a rather stable basis of expatriate and other Finnish societies and organisations abroad, 542 in 37 countries. FEP activities in the US and Latin America region are joined by 82 societies (18.3.2021).

CURRENT IN YOUR REGION: What’s new in US and Latin America