Services for Finnish expatriate media


The Finland Society gives out grants to Finnish expatriate media and to expatriate communities for communications work once a year. The deadline for applications is the end of February. The grants are paid from an appropriation issued by the Finnish Ministry of Culture and Education. Deadline for media grants 2022 was 28 February, 2022.

Grants are not issued retroactively. The conditions for applications are listed in the attachments below.

Finnish expatriate media are given information grants:

  • as basic grants, based on  publication frequency and announced circulation, for printing and mailing costs as well as other general operational expenses
  • as special grants for purchases of communications equipment, campaigns, websites and special projects

Expatriate communities are given information grants for websites, publications (such as membership magazines) as well as information projects.

In issuing the grants, the Finland Society follows the criteria and conditions applied by the Ministry of Education and Culture. We ask applicants to print out an agreement on issuing, using, monitoring the use as well as the conditions for grants from the link below. The agreement must be read, signed and either attached to the application form or submitted to the Finland Society by mail or scanned and sent by email.

The agreement form, electronic applications for grants and special grants as well as an electronic report form are provided below. If you wish to have a copy of the application, print it out before sending it in.

Basic grants for Finnish expatriate media:

Account of the use of the grant for Finnish media abroad 2022

Account of the use of the grant for Finnish media abroad 2021

Special grants for Finnish expatriate media and expatriate communities:

Account of the use of the specific media grant 2022

Account of the use of the specific media grant 2021