General advice


The Finland Society’s advice service guides and counsels Finns moving overseas and returning to Finland

You can ask us, for instance:
– which official matters should be arranged when moving overseas
– how tax officials relate to the move
– details of Finnish activities etc. in your future hometown

In addition to the basic advice service, country-specific support persons provide advice on local issues.

We arrange annual information events for those moving overseas and returning to Finland. In the spring and fall, we organize for instance an event on retiring overseas and in August an information session on moving back to Finland. In addition, there are several other discussion events for returnees during the year.

You can order various guidebooks from the Advice service, such as:
– Muuttajan muistio (Mover’s memo) and Matkaajan muistio (Traveler’s memo)
More useful mover’s guides in our product selection.

Our liaison lawyers advise you on legal issues. They are specialized in judicial matters related to social security, inheritance and estate.

The lawyers’ contact information is available at the advice service.

More information:
+358-(0)9-684 1210