Senior advice service


Are you a senior living overseas and wondering how to apply for pension in Finland or other countries? Are you trying to understand taxation of your pensions? Are you perhaps planning to return to Finland?

The senior advice service provides guidance and advice if you

  • are a returnee or are planning to move back to Finland for retirement
  • have worked overseas and receive pension income from that country
  • plan to spend your retirement days overseas
  • are a Finnish senior living abroad

The senior advice service provides information on matters such as

  • pension applications in Finland and other countries
  • pension payments to Finland and practical bank arrangements
  • social security and tax agreements between countries
  • advice on how to fill out tax returns
  • pensioners’ benefits and services
  • practical advice on returning

You can send in questions by email or call our senior adviser on weekdays between 9 AM and 4 PM Finnish time. You are also welcome to visit our office (please book a time with an adviser in advance).

For more information:
+358 (0)41 7307333