Finnish Expatriate Parliament 10th Session convened online on June 11-12, 2021 and adopted 70 resolutions


The 10th FEP Session which due to Covid-19 pandemic meets digitally, will convene on its traditional weekdays Friday-Saturday 11-12 June, 2021. Preparations of the exceptional Session and its week are underway at Finland Society. A global digital Session observes travel restrictions and health security risks. The historical long-distance Session offers to 543 FEP Finnish societies in 37 countries as equal right of participation as possible. All FEP societies will be sent new Session invitations by December 12, 2020. Invitations will be sent primarily by e-mail. Welcome to the global Session! Initiatives to the Session can be made until March 10, 2021. All current Session information is found here. Finland Society parliament secretary is also pleased to assist: Sini Castrén, [email protected] and +358 (0)44 7109387.


The board of Finland Society decided on March 18th that due to the COVID-19 situation the Finnish Expatriate Parliament 10th Session that was to be held in Helsinki at Finlandia Hall in June 2020 will be postponed to year 2021. We thank all active Finnish organizations abroad which already registered and submitted initiatives to the 10. Session. A total of 69 initiatives were received and remain valid to the next Session.

Finnish organisations abroad: rights at the Session

For the online Session to be accessible and run smoothly, we will have to make small amendments to the Session procedure. The most important amendments are explained here. More information will be provided as Session preparations move forward. In order to guarantee a pleasant participant experience, Finland Society will offer advance guidance and training to all participants.

  • Each Finnish organization abroad which ratified the FEP’s by-laws is entitled to appoint to the Session one representative with voting right, and observers.
  • Organisations with over 500 members can send two representatives, and
  • organisations with over 1.000 members can send three representatives with voting rights.
  • One person can represent several organisations. S/he still has only one vote in the parliament’s ballots.

Did you know that it is good for your society to also send Observer to the Session. At the plenary, observers do not have the right to speak or vote, but in Committee meetings, observers have the right to speak by permission of the Committee chair. Yet they do participate equally in all program and strengthen our work. NB. In the 10. Session, it may be necessary to limit the number of observers attending Committee meetings, in case their number exceeds the capacity of the online meeting platform.

→ The 10. FEP Session will be organized on an online meeting platform. The Finland Society aims to guarantee the right of FEP organizations to participate and vote in the online platform in a manner comparable to a traditional Session. The right to speak can be exercised via a computer or laptop, a tablet or a smartphone by speaking into a microphone or writing in the chat function, or, alternatively, by sending an SMS.

How to register for the FEP session:

1. Three months before, by March 10, 2021: Registration of organizations

At this stage, the Finland Society needs to know how many organisations will attend the session and how many representatives they will appoint. Organizations must register by using this form ( (this is a link to direct registration). Online registration is followed by a confirmation e-mail – please check your spam folder. This e-mail contains an internet link which allows to view the registration. If necessary, please request the registration form by e-mail at [email protected].

2. Six weeks before, by April 29, 2021: Registration of persons

The Finland Society shall be notified of the names of persons participating in the Session as Representatives or Observers, as well as which Committees they wish to participate in and whether they need interpretation. Each participant shall register individually by using this form ( (this is a link to direct registration). Online registration is followed by a confirmation e-mail – please check your spam folder. This e-mail contains an internet link which allows to view the registration. If necessary, please request for the registration form by e-mail at [email protected].

PLEASE NOTE that not showing up is not sufficient as a cancellation. To cancel your attendance or request for more information, contact the parliament secretary by e-mail at [email protected] or by telephone/SMS at +358 (0)44 710 9387.

Initiatives to be submitted by March 10, 2021:

Every member organization which has ratified the by-laws of the FEP, as well as the Speakers’ Council and the Finland Society, have the right to submit initiatives to the Session. According to the by-laws, initiatives must be submitted to the Finland Society no later than three months before the session, in other words, by March 10th. A new initiative can be made on the Initiative form (instructions accompany). Your regional representative (FEP Deputy Speaker) and Finland Society staff will be happy to assist you. Before preparing a new initiative, please consult the initiatives already submitted for the 10th Session.

The Finland Society’s summary of the initiatives, the Session agenda, the work report 2017-2021 and instructions on how to attend the online session will be mailed to the participants by May 10, 2021. After this, each representative and observer registered for the session will receive more information about the work and initiatives of their chosen Committee from its representative.

Global FEP regions: own regional meetings June 5–10, 2021

The preparatory regional meetings of organizations participating in the Session will be held online from June 5 to June 10, 2021 (Monday–Thursday). Their times will be announced later here on pages of Regions, and in separate invitations to be sent to all FEP organizations in each region, as well as in a letter which will be sent to all Session participants by May 10, 2021.

Celebratory opening service on Thursday June 10, 2021

We cordially welcome all Session participants to the opening video service, broadcast online by the Ev. Lutheran Church of Finland, Ministry to Finns Abroad. Sermon will be given by the Bishop of expatriate Finns, Bishop of Oulu Jukka Keskitalo. Information follows.

Program of the Session and its week

All registered participants will receive information about the programme, which will also be published in the Finland Society’s website and here. More program information about the Session and its week will be given later. The Session timeline tracks important dates:
(download version: 10. Session 2021, timeline)

More about the FEP Session or how new organisations join FEP activities: parliament secretary Sini Castrén, [email protected] and +358 (0)44 710 9387. Ratifying the by-laws (here) is really worth by March 10, 2021.

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