The postponed Finnish Expatriate Parliament 10th Session will be held 10.-11. June 2021


The board of Finland Society decided on March 18th that due to the COVID-19 situation the Finnish Expatriate Parliament 10th session to be held in Helsinki at Finlandia Hall on June 11. – 12., 2020 will have to be postponed to year 2021.

The new Session date is 10.-11. June 2021. We thank all active Finnish organizations abroad which already registered and submitted initiatives to the Session. All submitted initiatives remain valid to the next Session. Due to postponed date, initiatives can still be submitted until three months prior to the Session. Paid personal registration fees have been returned. New Session invitation letters will be posted by 9. December 2020. Enquiries:

While the year’s largest expatriate Finn event in Finland is postponed to 2021 due to uncertain world situation, it is good to see that a total of 141 Finnish organisations abroad registered by the deadline 11.3. to the 10th Session. A total of 69 initiativest were received by that deadline date. All initiatives remain valid to the postponed Session in 2021. Wish of Session participation right boosted the number of ratified organisations: FEP network now includes 544 Finnish organisations in 37 countries.

Invitations were sent to all Finnish expatriate and other Finnish organisations abroad which follow the FEP activities, on 11.12.2019 and primarily by e-mail. Session invitation was sent by post to those Finnish organisations abroad which do not have e-mail. In case your organisation has not yet received the invitation, or you wish to check or change your FEP contact person and contact information, kindly write to: or call +358 (0)9 6841 2127.

Ratified FEP organisations have a right to send to the Session

  • one representative with voting right, and observers.
  • Organisations with over 500 members can send two representatives, and
  • organisations with over 1 000 members can send three representatives with voting rights.
  • One person can represent several organisations. However s/he still has only one vote in the parliament’s ballots.

→ Did you know, that the number observers is not limited. Observer has neither right of speech nor right of vote at the plenary. At the Committee s/he has speech right on chairman’s discretion. Observers participate equally in all program. Your organisation can encourage the young to participate as observers – or choose them as your representative(s) while the more experienced are observers!

The right to submit initiatives

The initiatives are motions for resolutions of the parliament. All Finnish organisations abroad which follow FEP activities, the Presidium and Finland Society have a right to submit initiatives for the parliament’s processing. Initiatives deal with matters important for them to improve or change. Their submission deadline is the same as the last registration date of organisations to the Session: 11.3.2020. Check out here advice on making an initiative and the form helping to submit it.

  • Initiatives to 2020 Session will be listed here in their order of arrival (or, follow path: FEP Session > Initiatives > Summaries of initiatives).
  • After their deadline date, initiatives are complied into Summary of Initiatives for the purposes of the Session, where similar initiatives are joined and initiatives are given backgrounds at Finland Society, and their division into Committees is proposed. The Summary is sent one month prior to the Session to all participants, alongside Agenda and Report of Activities 2017-2020.

Session program

will be published here later. The Session opens on Thursday 11. June at 9am and continues until 5pm. It is followed by Finland Society Evening reception, next to Plenary hall, at 5.30-7 pm. The second Session day opens according to present information at 9am and ends by 3-4 pm. On both days, we enjoy together sumptuous buffet lunches, and coffees.

Underneath, you find important information about session registration which starts from this page easily and directly: on-line. For the first time, we ask for a registration fee, but we offer an easy on-line payment option. Value for money is on offer by using Helsinki accommodation reductions we negotiated for you. And remember to advice all young session participants who are 30 or younger, to apply for the travel grant by 28.2.2020. Underneath, you also find information about the Session’s side programs, and Session Timeline to keep track of dates and programs.

How to register for the FEP session

11.3.2020 the latest: Organisation’s registration:

Finland Society needs to know in good time how many associations via their representatives will attend the session. At this stage it is not important to know their names but instead the number of attending associations. Member associations must register by 11.3. by using this form ( (direct sending and confirmation). If necessary, please ask for it by writing to

(closed 18.3.2020) 30.4.2020 the latest: Representative’s registration:

Finland Society must be told the names of those attending as session Representatives or Observers, and, which Committee each chooses. Each session participant registers personally by 30.4. using this form ( (direct sending and confirmation). If necessary, please ask for it by writing to

Registration fee 50 

is in use for the first time. Registration fee is the Session participant’s personal, binding registration fee. It covers during session days at Finlandia Hall buffet lunches with desserts and afternoon coffees. It also covers session organisation costs which Finland Society shouldered since year 1997. The last payment day 30.4.2020 is same date as person’s last registration day. Non-payment is not a cancellation. The payment will not be returned in case of no-show; absence without timely advance cancellation. In case of hindrance, you can pass on your participation to another person where the change must be announced in timely fashion to parliament secretary. You can still until 30.4. modify your chosen Committee and side program and view your registration. This happens via the internet link which comes to you in the e-mail confirming your registration, or by writing to:  Payment options:

  1. Banktransfer: OP Helsinki, Arkadiankatu 23, 00100 Helsinki, Finland. Account holder: Finland Society. Number: FI66 5723 0220 4502 38. BIC: OKOYFIHH. Add information: “Session 2020 + name”.
  2. Bank/credit card payment at Finland Society online shop (click buttons Ctrl+Enter to open this link)

Accommodation information

Session participants along with their travel companions can benefit from negotiated special prices in Helsinki city centre hotels during the Session. Prices and booking codes are hotel specific: Majoitustietoa_FI_2020    Majoitustietoa_SVE_2020

Travel support for the young to the session

Young Session participants who are at most 30 years of age can be given an extra travel grant. Those travelling from the long-haul, can receive a 500 € travel support. Those from the Nordic countries, the Baltic region or Russia can get a 100 € travel support, while those from elsewhere in Europe can get a 300 € travel support. Applications are open until 28.2.2020. Decisions are announced during March. A condition for receiving the travel grant is that the young person is the representant or observer of his/her participating Finnish expatriate organisation (last Organisation’s registration is 11.3.) The form can be filled by the traveller or by his/her organisation on behalf of the named applicant. Finland Society board makes the decisions within its budget framework.

  • Application form in the internet opens HERE
  • This application supplement is a must: Session 2020 Agreement
  • Send these signed to Finland Society, either as electronic forms or as attachments to e-mail, or by ordinary post.

FEP Regions’ own meetings

This Session’s preparatory meeting is useful for session participants from the same FEP region. When known, the date, time and location of your own Region’s meeting will be communicated to all the Regions FEP organisations by their own Regional representative, and you will find the information posted on this FEP page also under your own FEP region. For example a good preceding day is Wednesday 10.6.2020, after the church service, from 2 pm onwards. At Regional meetings the eight FEP regions choose their own representative (Deputy Speaker) to the parliament’s Presidium. Session participants can also by identifying themselves to record receive their personal Session folder, otherwise given early next day at Finlandia Hall registration table.

Events in conjunction with the Session are postponed too

Opening Church service

on Wednesday 10.6.2020, 12:00 o’clock at German Church. Sermon is by the Bishop of expatriate Finns, Oulu bishop Jukka Keskitalo. The redbrick church nestles by the Observatory hill at end of Unioninkatu (Bernhardinkatu 4). After this Church coffees (until 2 pm) offered at nearby Church Council House, Mikael hall (Eteläranta 8).

Future of Finns Abroad day

on Saturday 13.6.2020, 10am – 3pm. Address: Helsinki Central Libary Oodi. The day offers superb themes and guests. Joint part  is at 10-12 am. It is followed by Suomi-koulu workshop (1-3 pm, in Finnish) and Ulkosuomalaisseniorin tulevaisuus -seminar (Future of Finnish senior abroad, 1-3 pm, in Finnish). The joint part and senior seminar are offered by Finland Society, Evangelical Church of Finland’s Ministry to Finns abroad, The Finnish Seamen’s Mission and Migration Institute of Finland. They cooperate at the Finnish Senior Abroad work group. Suomi-koulu workshop organisers are Frankfurt Finnish language school and Finland Society. All registered to the session will be sent this day’s program and registration advice, also later posted here.

Save and print it here 2020 session timeline

More about the Session, motions and how to join: and +358 (0)9 6841 210. Joining the FEP network by ratifying the By-laws (here) is really worth it!

On 12.6.2020 the Finnish capital of Helsinki celebrates Helsinki Day, the birthday of the capital city. Just in good time at close of our Session on Friday afternoon.

Do remember, that as an organisational or individual member of Finland Society you support its work in keeping the Finnish Expatriate Parliament functioning. A personal, family or youth membership is also a fine gift.

Familiarize yourself with member advantages and join here Or, bring this information about joining Finland Society to your organisation’s next meeting – there is even a new fee category for small, under 20-member organisations: Tue USPia – liity Suomi-Seuraan 2020