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The 10th FEP Session in Helsinki is postponed to year 2021: Due to the COVID-19 situation the 10th Session of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament in Helsinki, at Finlandia Hall was postponed from June 2020 by one year. The new Session date is 10.-11.6.2021. Already submitted initiatives to the 10th Session remain valid and initiatives to the 10th Session can be submitted until 9.3.2021. New Session invitations to all Finnish societies abroad which follow FEP activities will be sent by 9. December 2020. See here: more information about the 10th Session. On the day before the Session, each of the world’s eight FEP regions, US and Latin America region included, will have their own Session’s preparatory Regional meeting. Your regional representative will later inform all FEP organisations about it and about the processes of candidature submission and of election of new regional representative and his/her deputy.

When your society or organisation has a new e-mail address: tell your new FEP contact address, preferably e-mail address or in its absence postal address, to Veli (, Irina ( or parliament secretary (