Australia and Asia: What’s new

FEP 10. Session in Helsinki moved to year 2021 and will meet digitally, long-distance

Due to Covid-19 situation the Finnish Expatriate Parliament 10. Session in Helsinki at Finlandia Hall has been postponed from June 2020 by one year. The Session will also be historically held digitally, as a long-distance Session. The exact days in June 2021 of the two-day long Session will be told soon. The initiatives so far submitted to the 10. Session remain valid. New Session invitations to FEP organisations will be sent by 9. December 2020. See: more about the 10th Session.

Ahead of the Session (in earlier Sessions in Helsinki, the day before) the Canada region like all other FEP regions, will hold its own Session’s preparatory meeting. Regional representative will inform all the region’s FEP organisations well ahead about the exact date and time and of candidates who put themselves forward to become the new regional representative and his/her deputy. Regional preparatory meeting of the Session will vote and elect the regional representative and deputy for the next parliament period starting from the end of the 10th Session in 2021 until the end of the 11th Session.


When your organisation has a new e-mail address: tell your new FEP contact address, preferably e-mail address or in its absence postal address, to Michael Pekkala (, Risto Söder ( or: