How to draft an initiative

Every Finnish expatriate organisation and Finnish organisation abroad which has ratified FEP By-laws, the Speakers’ Council and Finland Society has a right to submit initiative for the parliament’s deliberation. Initiatives thus influence the parliament’s activity, its statements and its positions. Therefore it is advisable to plan initiatives carefully and to submit them in good time.

Finnish expatriate organisations must leave or send the initiative(s) to Finland Society or to parliament secretary by the submission deadline which is three months before the Session. The next FEP session was due to covid-19 pandemic moved by a year to June 2021. The Session will be held on 11.-12.6.2021. Thus initiatives can be submitted until 10.3.2021.

Finland Society sends no later than one month before the session to all registered representatives and observers the Agenda of the session along with all received Initiatives.

Structure of initiative

An initiative can be written on a ready-made form (links below) or be written freely, but in writing. It should have:
1) name and contact details of submitting organisation,
2) title which tells the initiative’s basic objective,
3) background of initiative, like describing situation/problem/aim(s) and meaning,
4) proposal for resolution: a line on about what is wished/suggested/demanded, and
5) chairman’s signature (today typed name and title is enough, original signature is optional).

Underneath is a link to Initiative form. Please print and fill it and get the name of your organisation’s chairman or other person with signatory powers to write their name there (NB. natural signature no longer demanded). Post the initiative as an attachment to e-mail, either scanned or photographed, to: Or, post the initiative in an envelope to: Finnish Expatriate Parliament/Suomi-Seura ry, Mariankatu 8, FI-00170 Helsinki, Finland.

Initiative forms:

Aloite_Motion_Initiative_2020-2021 (doc)         Aloitelomake_Motion_Initiative_2020-2021 (pdf)

Do you need help in writing an initiative?

Please contact your region’s FEP representative or directly parliament secretary at Finland Society. We are pleased to assist you! E-mail: or tel. + 358-(0)9-684 1210.