Finnish Expatriate Parliament Resolutions

Resolutions adopted by the Finnish Expatriate Parliament Sessions guide the work of FEP Presidiu and its secretariat Finland Society.

Resolutions are translated into Swedish and English. They are handed over the Prime Minister of Finland who sends them on a round of commentary in the Government (different ministries).

All the resolutions adopted by a certain parliament Session have their own page here (please contact if you cannot find what you need).

The work of Finland Society and the FEP Presidium ini advancing the resolutions in most recent years (during the ongoing parliamentary term) is reported in Report on the work and progress. Work reports are given to the Session so you find them under appropriate Sessions.

Resolutions of the Session 2017

Finnish Expatriate Parliament nineth Session, simultaneously its 20-year Anniversary Session, met at Helsinki University Old Main Building on 16.-17.6.2017. Originally 55 Initiatives were submitted to the Session. Additionally, the Plenary decided to send one proposal for resolution to Culture Committee. This way the 2017 Session adopted 56 resolutions. They are collected in the Resolution compilation. In its Introduction the Presidium explains its main aims for the parliamentary term 2017-2020 (extended due to Covid-19 to 2021).

Resolution compilation: 2017_Resolutions_Printhouse_FINAL (in Finnish: 2017_paatoslauselmat)


  • Presidium Introduction 2017
  • I Poliittisia ja virallisia asioita koskevat päätöslauselmat
  • II Kansalaisuusasioita koskevat päätöslauselmat
  • III Senioriasioita koskevat päätöslauselmat
  • IV Sosiaaliasioita koskevat päätöslauselmat
  • V Opinto- ja koulutusasioita I koskevat päätöslauselmat
  • VI Opinto- ja koulutusasioita II koskevat päätöslauselmat
  • VII Kulttuuriasioita koskevat päätöslauselmat
  • VIII Tiedotusasioita koskevat päätöslauselmat
  • IX Talous- ja sääntöasioita koskevat päätöslauselmat