How to get involved?

Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) actual actors and agents are Finnish expatriate and other Finnish communities abroad. Every Finn abroad – regardless of citizenship – can this way join the Finnish Expatriate Parliament activities via his/her local Finnish society outside Finland. The parliament session and its activities bring together representatives of these organisations and societies.

The sole condition of participation is that the Finnish expatriate society or other Finnish society abroad accepts the conditions of Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) activities, meaning, it ratifies FEP By-laws. The activities entail no economic gains or financial requirements and there is no membership fee. The FEP is politically non-aligned.

Furthermore, a condition of participation is that the society or organisation in questions functions abroad and that the basic character of its activities is Finnish. Right of participation does not require usage of Finnish language in the activities of the society.

Presently, the Finnish communities abroad following the FEP range across the world from choirs to local Finnish organisations, from schools to churches, from business councils to afternoon clubs. FEP By-laws have been ratified by 540 Finnish expatriate and other Finnish communities abroad in 37 countries.

Do come along – through the Finnish Expatriate Parliament you can influence those expatriate and other Finnish questions abroad which trouble you yourself, and you become part of a Finnish network across the world!


Finnish Expatriate Parliament activities can be joined by ratifying the FEP By-laws:

2017_Bylaws_Stand (word)        2017_Bylaws_Standing_order (pdf)

The By-laws are ratified with this form:



After the form is registered at Finland Society to which the FEP belongns, the society/community involved can participate in FEP activities by sending its representative to the parliament Session and by submitting Motions for Resolutions to the sessions.

If you need the ratification form please contact us by e-mail or by phone +358 (0)9 684 1210. The signed ratification form can be returned either by e-mail or postal mail to:


Finnish Expatriate Parliament/Finland Society
Mariankatu 8
00170 Helsinki, FINLAND.

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