Going on a trip? Remember 5 T’s i.e. ‘high five’ before your journey

Published 28.6.2021, updated 2.12.2021

❗️1. Travel recommendations:
Read Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ travel tips and guidance on travelling.

❗️2. Travel notification:
File a travel notification at matkustusilmoitus -system (not applicable when travelling to Finland). A travel notification includes your personal data, contact information and information about the trip, supplied to the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in case of an emergency or a crisis.

❗️3. Travel insurance:
It is recommended to take a comprehensive travel insurance, also when travelling in Europe.

❗️4. Travel documents:
Check that your travel document/s is/are valid for a sufficient period of time. You can check the passport and visa regulations at the mission of the destination country. A passport is an important document for travellers — still, it is often forgotten or lost – Ministry for Foreign Affairs

❗️5. Travellers entry restrictions:
There are continuous changes on border control and restrictions on border traffic due to the changes in the epidemiological situation in different countries. Check the vaccination/test and quarantine rules of your destination country and be prepared that they may change during your journey. Also read the instructions for airports, terminals, means of transport and tour operators.

You can read about Finland’s current entry restrictions in our current news. It is still recommended to favor domestic tourism, but if you are going on a trip, we wish you a safe journey!