Finland’s restrictions on entering the country during the Covid-19 pandemic do not apply to Finnish citizens. Family members of Finnish citizens are allowed to enter Finland if they have a document proving a right of residence in Finland or another EU or Schengen Area country. In other cases, entry may be allowed if it is considered necessary border traffic, such as traveling for family matters or if the person is a family member of a Finnish citizen living in Finland.

The instructions from the Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on limiting unnecessary close contacts and following voluntary 14-day quarantines still apply to everybody arriving to Finland from overseas.

Instructions from the Finnish Border Guard on border crossing will be valid through June 14, 2020. If you are planning to travel to Finland this summer, please check the latest information at www.raja.fi

For more information: https://www.raja.fi/current_issues/guidelines_for_border_traffic