Vacationing and travel in Finland for Finns living abroad permanently

Updated 24.6.2020

The government lifted the restrictions for Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania and Norway on 15 June – meaning that arriving passengers from those nations are not compelled to follow two-week quarantine recommendations.

The restrictions will remain in place for traffic between Finland and other countries than those mentioned above. Finland’s restrictions on entering the country during the Covid-19 pandemic do not apply to Finnish citizens and their family members but the instructions on limiting unnecessary close contacts and following voluntary 14-day self-isolation is recommended for all those arriving in Finland who come from countries that are still subject to internal or external border control.

On 13 July restrictions will be lifted on travel to EU and Schengen Area countries with fewer than eight new confirmed coronavirus infections per 100,000 citizens over the course of 14 days. Also on 13 July, current quarantine recommendations for travellers coming from approved countries will be lifted. However, a comprehensive list of such countries is still incomplete. Austria, Croatia, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Slovakia and Slovenia would currently meet the criteria. The government is scheduled to issue an update in that regard on 10 July.

Travellers must be aware of the entry and quarantine regulations of their country of destination and they must take into account the quarantine recommendations for those returning to Finland.

Travellers must find out themselves what their travel insurance covers in the event of a pandemic.

Each traveller should check the current instructions. The entry and quarantine instructions of the country of destination on the websites of the authorities of the country of destination.

People can once again travel within Finland if they follow the safety guidelines related to coronavirus. According to the guidelines, sick persons should avoid all travel. If you get symptoms, you should immediately contact the healthcare services of the municipality or city where you are staying. Remember careful hand and cough hygiene.

Tourists are responsible for adhering to the guidelines.

For more information:

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