Retaining Finnish citizenship at the age of 22


If you are a dual citizen living overseas, you may lose your Finnish citizenship after turning 22. Finnish citizens who also hold citizenship of another country maintain their Finnish citizenship only if they have sufficient connections with Finland.
You are deemed to have sufficient connections with Finland if you fill one of the following criteria:

  • You were born in Finland and your home municipality is in Finland when you turn 22.
  • You have lived in Finland or in some other Nordic country a total of seven years before turning 22.
  • You have applied for a Finnish passport or ID card or have received a Finnish passport or ID card at age 18-21.
  • You have received Finnish citizenship at age 18-21 on application or notification. n You have completed or are completing Finnish military or civil service or women’s voluntary military service in Finland while aged 18-21.
  • While aged 18-21, you have notified a Finnish representation overseas or a Local Register Office in Finland that you wish to keep your Finnish citizenship. The notification is free-form but must be in written form.

The Finnish Immigration Service notifies about a threat of losing Finnish citizenship and opportunity to maintain it to those Finnish citizens whose home municipality has been in Finland for less than seven years, including those who have never lived in Finland. The notification is mailed yearly to persons who turn 18 that year and whose address information is listed in the Population Information System. Therefore, please remember to keep your personal information up to date.

If you have lost your Finnish citizenship after turning 22 because you did not have sufficient connections with Finland, you can have your citizenship returned as a former Finnish citizen by notification.

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