Virtual Suomi-kylä June 7 – 13, 2021

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The virtual Suomi-kylä is an event for all expatriate Finns and everybody interested in Finnish expatriatism. The aim of this virtual village is to facilitate encounters across borders, to open a new kind of dialog about Finnish expatriatism in society both in and outside Finland, and to present Finnish culture and skills around the world. For a whole week, Suomi-kylä will be filled with cultural events, webinars, discussions and presentations of services for expatriate Finns. It is a meeting place where you can network with expatriate Finns around the world and chat with Finnish decision-makers and many other participants. The virtual Suomi-kylä is open 24 hours a day from June 7 to 13, 2021. See in


WHAT? The Suomi-Kylä is a week-long event organized by the Finland Society. It is a meeting place where we talk about topics that are important to Finns worldwide and present present services for expatriate Finns, and learn about Finnish culture and expertise. And of course, we will also have fun!
WHO? Suomi-kylä is open to Finns worldwide and everybody interested in Finnish expatriatism. The event takes place mainly in Finnish, with some events held in English.
WHEN?  The virtual Suomi-kylä is open 24/7 all week from June 7 to 13, 2021.
WHERE? The event takes place on a cloud platform made in Finland. All you need to participate is a computer and a working Internet connection.
WHAT? You can meet and get to know other expats in the virtual village’s coffee room or park, learn some Finnish in the village school, check out opportunities to work in Finland at the job center, enjoy a calm moment in the village church, discuss passport, conscription, tax and pension issues with the authorities, take part in webinars and much more.
PRICE? The event is free of charge and only requires registration.

The event can accommodate up to 3 000 participants and places will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Books will be drawn among the participants.


Suomi-kylä will have a packed program – full of debates, webinars and events.
Get into the Suomi-kylä spirit by joining in on the live program or watch parts of the program as video recordings at your convenience during the week.

The program is still being filled and updated – stay tuned!

The programme is mainly in Finnish.
Note, that the times are in Helsinki time (UTC+3).

Mo, June 7 check out the program>
Tue, June 8 check out the program>
Wed, June 9 check out the program>
Thu, June 10 check out the program>
Fri, June 11 check out the program>
Sat, June 12 check out the program>
Sun, June 13 check out the program>

June 7-13 check out the program>


For more information about the event, please contact:
Executive Director Tina Strandberg

Suomi-kylä on Facebook: participate and share the event here!
Spread the word on social media by using the hashtag #suomikyla


Turkoosin sinisellä taustalla lukee UraPark



Suomi Village companions:
• Program organized by the Finland
Society member communities, such
as ‘Supporting grandparents of
multilingual children,’ organized by
SenioriForum Zürich
• Webinar “Kohtaamisten tulevaisuus”
(“Future of encounters”), organized
by the Finland Society, with Perttu
Pölönen as speaker.
• State administration coordinated by
the Ministry of the Interior
(workshops by various ministries as
well as comments by expatriate
Finns, connected to the strategy on
expatriate Finns)
• The City of Oulu, Careers in Southwest
Finland (Turku region), Tampere
International House, the Southwest
Finland TE/PORE, as well as Finland’s
multilingual settlement services: Turku,
Oulu, Tampere, Porvoo, Vaasa,
Vakka-Suomi and Hilma.
• Archinfo and the Association of Finnish Architects’
• COSMO, the University of Turku’s
team of researchers and a Jyväskylä
student working on a master’s thesis
• Erätaukosäätiö – Timeout Foundation
• The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran
Church Abroad
• The Finnish Lifelong Learning Foundation:
Kulkuri School of Distance
Education, Southern Helsinki Adult
Education Center and Family abroad
project (the latter in cooperation
with the Finland Society)
• Puistofilosofit (Park philosophers)
• The Migration Institute of Finland
• The Finnish Literature Society
• The Finnish Seamen’s Mission
• Football Association of Finland
• Saunarinki and Finnish Sauna Society
• Suomen Yrittäjät (Federation of
Finnish Enterprises)
• Cellist Jussi Makkonen
• Nikula Legal Oy
• Seurana Oy
• Urapark, private career counseling
for returning expatriate Finns
• Scandic
• Victor Ek
• Omnipress Oy