The Sudbury Finnish Language School 50th anniversary


The Sudbury Finnish Language School is 50 this year in Northern Ontario,Canada

Our school is so excited to be celebrating our milestone 50th year and want to share this news with you!

Over the years, we have taught not only the Finnish language, but also the culture, customs, traditions, folk dancing, history, arts, crafts, sports and all about Finland. We’ve held classes in several schools and locations in the area and our classes have performed and participated in many Finnish events in Sudbury and other cities; in parades, plays, skits, concerts, poetry, sports, singing and dancing. Our classes start with the entire school singing “Maamme” together.

Many Finnish immigrants moved to the Sudbury area because it is much like some parts of Finland with its many forests and lakes. We are now teaching second, third and fourth generation students about their roots and heritage.

Presently, we will be teaching in-person classes to our junior beginner and intermediate children’s classes, and on-line zoom classes to our beginner, intermediate and advanced adult classes this fall. We have also had a children’s summer camp at Hannah Lake Bible Centre, where children continue their Finnish classes and learn to bake pulla and play pesäpalloa, mölkky and sauna and swim every day.

On September 2nd, we will be planting wildflowers at Kivi Park in Sudbury to commemorate our 50th year, hoping to have many blue and white flowers. Of course, coffee and cake will be served. We will also be purchasing a bench for the senior residents at Finlandia Village.

Many thanks go out to all our students, parents, teachers, board members, supporters, Suomi Seura and all the assistance we’ve received over the years!

Please join us, if you’d like, by following us on facebook: Sudbury Finnish Language School. Best wishes to all the Finnish Language Schools around the world!

Chair, Nina Mäki on the left , and Vice-Chair, Norma Rautiainen on the right.