Time: June 11–12, 2020
Place: Finlandia Hall, Helsinki

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) is a cooperative forum for Finnish Expatriate bodies. Its mission is to promote the status of expatriate Finns. The FEP’s work is coordinated by the Finland Society.

How to join the FEP?

The FEP consists of representatives of Finnish expatriate bodies. The ones which have ratified the FEP bylaws are involved in the parliament’s work and may submit initiatives for the session to discuss as well as to send representatives to the session.
Any expatriate Finn can take part in the FEP activities through a local expatriate community.
If your community is not yet involved in the FEP work, you have still time to join the parliament’s session in 2020 by ratifying the FEP bylaws by March 11, 2020.
The FEP bylaws: 2017_Bylaws_Stand (pdf)


The program of the FEP session will be published on this site by December 11, 2019. Session invitations will be sent to the FEP communities by email by the same date, at the latest.

Submitting initiatives to the session

Every Finnish expatriate community which has ratified the FEP bylaws is entitled to submit initiatives for the session to discuss on issues important for expatriate Finns that should be improved or changed. The deadline for submitting the initiatives is March 11, 2020.
Initiative forms: Aloite_Motion_2020 (doc)
Aloitelomake_Motion_2020 (pdf)

Registering a body for the session

A Finnish expatriate community must provide notification that it will participate in the FEP session. The deadline for communities’ registration is March 11, 2020. Invitations will be posted primarily by e-mail by 11.12.2019. Follow your organisation’s post!

Registration of representatives and observers to the session

A Finnish expatriate community which has registered in the session may send representatives to the sessions in the following way.

  • Any community with less than 500 members may send one representative.
  • Any community with more than 500 members may send two representatives.
  • Any community with more than 1,000 members may send three representatives.

The number of observers has not been stipulated. Please note that an observer may be present in the plenary session and participate in committee work if committees have space and agree to it. Observers do not have a right to speak or vote in the full session or committees. A committee may grant the right to speak to an observer if it wishes.
Each representative and observer must register for the session. The deadline for registration is April 30, 2020.

Travel compensation for session participants under 30

Representatives and observers under 30 taking part in the session are eligible to apply for travel allowance (the application may also be made by a person authorized by the expatriate community) as follows:

  • Those coming from the Nordic and Baltic countries or Russia €100
  • Those coming from other European countries €300
  • Those from outside of Europe €500

The deadline for applications is February 28, 2020. Applicants will be informed of the decisions on allowances during March, 2020.
The applicants should attach the 2020 Session Agreement form to the application, regarding issuing the grant, conditions for it and the supervision of its use. Please submit it to the Finland Society, attached to the application form or by email. A signed agreement may also be sent by mail.
Online application form
The 2020 Session Agreement form: ENG Sopimus 2020 S
More information: Hanne Selin

Registration fee

The session’s registration fee is €50 per registered representative or observer. The price includes the session material, buffet lunch and coffee marked in the program. The fee is personal and must be paid by April 30, 2020.
Directions on payment and conditions for cancelations will be added here later.

More information on the event:
Sini Castrén
Parliament Secretary
info@usp.fi, +358 (0)9 6841 210, www.usp.fi

Other program (preliminary information)

Wednesday June 10, 2020

Opening church service

At 12 AM opening church service for the FEP session participants.
Bishop of Oulu Jukka Keskitalo, expatriate Finns’ own bishop, will deliver the sermon.
Place: will be announced later
Organizer: Ministry to Finns Abroad, the Church Council

Regional meetings

The eight FEP regions will convene to regional meetings (times and places will be announced later).
• Swedish-speaking expatriate Finns
• Canada
• The United States and Latin America
• Central Europe
• Southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East
• Australia and Asia
• Eastern Europe
• Northern Europe

Saturday June 13, 2020

Future of expatriatism day

At 10 – 3 PM
Place: to be announced
Program (in Finnish): joint program in the morning, workshops in the afternoon.
More information on the event and online registration forms will be added later.
Organizers: The Finland Society, Ministry to Finns abroad (the Church Council), Finnish Seamen’s Mission and Migration Institute of Finland.