Finnish Expatriate Parliament session June 11-12th, 2021

In June 2021, the 10th session of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) will convene fully digitally for the first time!

Important dates  

Finnish expatriate organizations which have ratified the FEP by-laws can submit initiatives and participate in the parliament session. 

Register your expatriate organization for participation in the FEP session by March 10th, 2021.  Registration form for organizations  
If your expatriate organization has not yet joined the FEP’s activities, you can still participate in this year’s session by ratifying the FEP by-laws by 10th March.
More information and ratification form 

Have a look at the initiatives already submitted for this year’s parliamentary session on the FEP website. 

Expatriate organizations need to register their representatives and observers by April 29th, 2021 registration form>

The number of representatives that an organization can send depends on its size:
• Organizations with less than 500 members: one representative.
• Organizations with more than 500 members: two representatives.
• Organizations with more than 1000 members: three representatives. 

In addition to representatives, organizations can take part in the parliamentary session by sending observers. There is no regulation as to the number of observers.  The observers follow the plenary session and participate in the committees’ work, if the committees agree and have enough space. Contrary to the representatives, the observers do not have speaking or voting rights in the plenary session nor the committees. However, the committees can grant the observer the right to speak.
Please note: in the digital FEP session the number of observers in the committees may be limited in case the virtual platform’s capacity is exceeded. 

Welcome to the global parliamentary session!  
For more information please ask:
Sini Castrén (FEP secretary) 
[email protected]
phone: +358 44 7109387