The fees for passports and identity cards issued by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Finnish missions abroad will increase starting on 1.1.2022 as follows:

  • passport application from €140 to €175
  • identity card application from €90 to €96.

Fees for passports issued to veterans of the Finnish wars will remain unchanged.

Due to our efforts not to increase the price of passports issued abroad, the proposed increase to the passport price has been decreased from €55 to €35, hence made the increase a bit more reasonable.

The proposal to increase the price of passports was adjusted after a consultation round, and the new fees are lower than the cost price of the passport (according to section 6, subsection 3 of the Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State).

The fee for an identity card will rise by six euros. The change is based on the EU’s ID Regulation which requires, that the applicant’s facial image and fingerprints will be stored on the chip of the identity card, and this creates extra costs.

More information on the The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland press release Changes to fees for identity cards and passports issued by missions as of 1 December 2022 – Ministry for Foreign Affairs (um.fi)

Finland’s strategy on expatriate Finns for 2022–2026 is currently being prepared under the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior. Finland Society (Suomi-Seura ry) has been involved in the preparatory work. We have highlighted the proposals of our Finnish Expatriate Parliament and the wishes expressed in the hearings of expatriate Finns to extend the validity of the passport from 5 years to 10 years and to develop the electronic application for passports so that it would serve better those living abroad.

The services of expatriate Finns must be developed in such way that they do not cause unreasonable costs or inconvenience regardless of the place of residence. Smooth services can be an attractive factor for Finland. Finland benefits culturally and economically from the active relations of expatriate Finns and their visits to Finland. Enabling travel, maintaining cultural ties and cultural identity will also facilitate possible return migration. Finland needs skilled workforce, and returnees are part of a sustainable solution to future labor shortages.