Support persons

The Finland Society support persons are Finns who have lived overseas for a long time and provide advice on local issues to newly-arrived fellow Finns in their area.

The Finland Society has support persons in the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Britain, Japan, Greece, Portugal, France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Thailand, Turkey, Estonia and the United States.

Advice provided by support persons is part of Finland Society’s advice service. As a member, you may ask for a support person’s contact information from the Finland Society’s advice service.

The advice offered by support persons is free as long as it does not cause any expense for the support person.

Support persons do not mediate accommodation and apartments. Neither do they search for jobs, study places or internships.

“Find out well in advance before moving about conditions in your new home country and issues related to the move. The Finland Society’s advice service, including support persons, provides really proficient help in these matters. Don’t let the initial difficulties discourage you. Different countries have different customs which often seem crazy to us Finns, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Knowing the local language speeds up the adjustment process.” This advice comes from Marko Suomalainen (in photo), a Finland Society support person in Thessaloniki, Greece.


More information:
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