Minisrer of Interior Krista Mikkonen


Finland’s strategy on expatriate Finns for 2022–2026 has been published on 13 December, 2021. The Ministry of the Interior invited all Finns living abroad and others interested in the subject to follow the presentation of the strategy on Wednesday 15 December on Facebook Live.

The event on Facebook:

Minister of the Interior Krista Mikkonen and Senior Specialist Marja Avonius from the Ministry of the Interior and Executive Director Tina Strandberg from the Finland Society were present at the event.

The strategy aims to strengthen the contacts of expatriate Finns with Finnish society, to make it easier for expatriate Finns to return to Finland and to respond to changes in the position of expatriates. The strategy sets objectives and actions to respond to the service needs of expatriate Finns and, at the same time, to make better use of their expertise.

Pressrelease on Strategy on expatriate Finns