Suomi-Seura is hosting a photography exhibition that features the colourful pictures of India by Päivi Arvonen. The artist’s special areas of interest are development projects both in the Indian countryside and slums of Mumbay, women’s rights, life of the outcaste and the holiest Hindu city, Varanasi. From 2007 on, Arvonen has visited almost half of the Indian 29 states.

“The photographs in this exhibition are a kaleidoscopic glimpse of my experiences in India   ̶   I am especially attracted to the ancient cultural tradition and how it’s presented in the everyday life. My favourite subjects are the holy men, Sadhus, monkeys and the holy cows that wonder the streets freely.”

In addition to the beautiful images there is also a collection of Päivi Arvonen’s writings about India. These articles have been published in various newspapers, magazines and webpages (eg. Lännen Media, Keskisuomalainen, Helsingin Sanomat,, Blue Wings).

Päivi Arvonen, a freelance journalist and photographer, is Master of Theology and a religious studies scholar. She specializes in human rights, religions, cultures, development issues and travel. She lived in Egypt years 2004-16 and has in addition to the European countries worked also in Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India and several Middle Eastern and North African countries.

Location: Suomi-Seura office, Mariankatu 8 B, 3rd floor, 00170 Helsinki

The photography exhibition of Päivi Arvonen 26.3. ̶ 30.8.2019, open Mon-Fri at 9am-3pm. Free admission.




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