Links to support services

On this page, you can find a list of support and crisis help services that are open to anyone. The services include help chats, online discussion forums as well as real-time information and counseling. Most of the services are provided by Finnish organizations and while some are offered only in Finnish, several services are also available in English. Opening hours are indicated in Finnish time (UTC +02:00). 

HYVÄ KYSYMYS – online service brings the services and peer support provided by Finnish organizations to everyone. The objective is that everyone can get information and support as early as possible, free of charge and easily when something is happening in their own or their loved ones’ lives. The service is produced and implemented by the Family Federation of Finland in cooperation with partner organizations.  

THE CRISIS HELPLINE assists you on an anonymous and confidential basis. It provides assistance and support for people in crisis situations and for those close to them in Finnish, Swedish, Arabic and English. The crisis helpline is operated by crisis counseling professionals and trained volunteers. 

  • For the Crisis Helpline in English call 09 2525 0113 on Mon, Tue at 11-15, Wed at 13-16 and 17-21, Thu at 10-15.
    If calling from abroad, the phone number is +358 9 2525 0113 

SEKASIN-CHAT is available in Finnish only.
Sekasin-Chat on keskusteluapua 12-29-vuotiaille nuorille. Chatti on auki arkisin klo 9-24 ja viikonloppuisin 15-24. 

TUKINET is available in Finnish only.
Tukinet on tukipiste netissä, jossa voit tutustua sinua koskettaviin aiheisiin, osallistua ryhmächatteihin tai kahdenkeskisiin chatteihin, ottaa osaa ryhmäkeskusteluihin tai saada henkilökohtaisen tukihenkilön. 

NUORTENELÄMÄÄ.FI is available in Finnish and Swedish only.
Sivuille on koottu erilaisia tuki– ja kriisipalveluja. 

MINISTRY TO FINNS ABROAD BY THE EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH OF FINLAND provides an international network of support both for celebrations and in times of crisis. 

THE FINNISH SEAMEN’S MISSION is a meeting place for all Finnish and foreign people abroad, providing a piece of Finland overseas.  The Finnish Seamen’s Mission offers professional help and support for everyday challenges and in small and bigger crises. The service is mostly in Finnish, but you can find the Seamen’s Mission also in Athens, Brussels, Hamburg, London, and Rotterdam and contact them in the respective local languages. 

KIRKON KESKUSTELUAPU is available in Finnish and Swedish only.
Keskusteluapu (Palveleva puhelin, Palveleva netti, Palveleva chat ja Palveleva kirje) on sinua varten, kun kaipaat henkistä tai hengellistä tukea. Palvelun tarjoaa Suomen ev.lut.kirkko ja kaikki keskusteluavun palvelut ovat saatavilla sekä suomeksi että ruotsiksi. 

PARISUHTEENPALIKAT is available mainly in Finnish and offers an information brochure in English.
Parisuhteenpalikat on konkreettinen työkalu, joka auttaa hahmottamaan parisuhteen eri osa-alueita. 

PARISUHDEKESKUS KATAJA Ryis iavailable only in Finnish.
Parisuhdekeskus on poliittisesti ja uskonnollisesti sitoutumaton parisuhdetyön asiantuntija- ja kansalaisjärjestö. Se järjestämme pareille luentoja, kursseja, puhelinneuvontaa, chat-neuvontaa ja tapahtumia. 

YHDEN VANHEMMAN PERHEEN LIITTOoffers support and advice for single-parent families. The services are mainly in Finnish, but information on divorce, custody and child support are available also in English.  

ABDUCTED CHILDREN FINLAND NGO provides information and help concerning international child abductions and gives advice on difficult international custody disputes. Support, advice and guidance is available mainly in Finnish; further information in English can be requested by phone or e-mail. Apart from advice, the organization also offers peer support. 

THE FEDERATION OF MOTHER AND CHILD HOMES AND SHELTERS offers help chat services in Finnish. 
Ensi-ja turvakotien liiton chatista saat apua moneen elämäntilanteeseen: väkivaltaan, lapsiperheen erotilanteessa, vauvan unipulmiin ja muihin vauvaperheen haasteisiin tai, kun päihteet aiheuttavat huolta. 

ONLINE SHELTER is an online service maintained by the Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters. Online Shelter helps all parties involved in violent relationships by offering information, support in the form of conversations (in Finnish), as well as stories about domestic violence and intimate partner violence and how to pull through.  

NYYTI RY  is a support center for students, aiming to promote and support their mental wellbeing and life management skills as well as to influence matters related to the subject. 

NETTITUKINAINEN is available in Finnish only.
Nettitukinainen tarjoaa lyhytkestoista ohjausta ja neuvontaa seksuaalista väkivaltaa ja hyväksikäyttöä koskevissa kysymyksissä. 

THE CENTRAL UNION FOR CHILD WELFARE coordinates information, activities and know-how concerning children and children’s rights across Finland and other countries. The union represents Finnish child welfare in international contexts and functions as an expert on children’s rights.  For its member organizations, the union provides connections to European and international organizations. 

THE MANNERHEIM LEAGUE (MLL) focuses on child welfare in Finland, but has also built networks in Europe and the rest of the world, with partners especially in Sweden and Estonia.  MLL is one of the founding members of the International Forum for Child Welfare, (IFCW). 

THE EUROPEAN JUSTICE PORTAL provides legal information regarding family matters for cross-border issues in the EU in all official EU languages. 

Therapion Consulting is a company specialized in online psychotherapy and psychology services. The services are available by e-mail, chat, videoconferencing or phone.  

Contact information of private family counselors and further information material:
Relationship counseling, particularly for international couples and families:
Helka Silventoinen, tel. +358-40-961 1897