This year expatriate Finns will be seen and heard widely in Finland. The Finland Society will arrange the tenth session of the Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) on June 11-12 at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. Thanks to the FEP’s initiatives, we have reached goals such as dual citizenship and absentee voting for expatriate Finns. The expatriate communities which have ratified the FEP bylaws may submit initiatives for the session to discuss and name representatives and observers to the session. There are now 538 Finnish expatriate communities involved in FEP activities.

The Finland Society is an expert on Finnish expatriatism as well as a reliable travel companion for Finns venturing out into the world. We offer counseling for those moving and living overseas or returning to Finland. We publish the magazine Finland Bridge and provide information on current themes concerning expatriate Finns. The Finland Society’s task is to ensure that Finnish expatriates are taken into account in public debate and decision-making in Finland. We distribute grants to Finnish expatriate communities and media. Moreover, we want to serve as a partner for Finnish companies overseas.

You are welcome to join us! You will find more information on the Finland Society membership at www.suomi-seura.fi