Join in as member organization!

The Finland Society offers Finnish expatriate communities various member benefits, such as:

  • yearly distributed book and recording donations
  • Finland Society badges of merit for commendable persons can be applied for
  • Donations of Finnish flags
  • free preliminary consultation with a lawyer
  • advice service (model bylaws for organizations, various official issues, Suomi Schools, contact information for other expatriate communities, contact information for Finnish communities, etc.)
  • help in various problem situations (from mediation in disputes to recipes for Shrove buns)
  • membership magazine, Finland Bridge
  • possibility to publish information on your community or events in Finland Bridge
  • newsletter
  • right to vote at the Finland Society’s annual meeting which elects the society’s board, for instance
  • as a member, you will support the Finnish Expatriate Parliament

The membership fees are: 55 euros for communities with less than 20 members, 115 euros for those with 20-99 members, 195 euros for those with 100-499 members, 380 euros for those with 500-999 members, and 550 euros for those with over 1000 members.

You can join us as a member organization either through our online store or by contacting our membership secretary.