Independence Day greeting from the President of the Republic of Finland to Finnish expatriates and Finns abroad 2021





Dear Friends,

The past year has again been exceptional. Concerns and restrictions caused by the
pandemic have continued to affect our daily lives. We have learned and adapted to our new

This year has also been filled with much hope. Vaccinations are proceeding. The world
economy is recovering. We have experienced happy reunions. Many of you expatriate Finns
have been able to meet your loved ones after a long wait.

As expatriate Finns, you are valuable ambassadors for Finland and Finnish culture
throughout the world. For many, you are the first and perhaps the only contact with
Finland. The contacts and knowledge you receive from the world, as well as the vast
spectrum of work you do on behalf of Finland, benefit your homeland in a concrete way. I
am delighted that many expatriate Finns and people of Finnish heritage abroad cherish
Finnishness and the traditions associated with it.

One of these great traditions is Independence Day. December 6th is a day of celebration for
all of us Finns and people of Finnish heritage. I would like to wish all expatriate Finns and
people of Finnish heritage around the world a very happy Independence Day!



Sauli Niinistö
President of the Republic of Finland


Greeting from President of the Republic Sauli Niinistö:
Tasavallan presidentin tervehdys ulkosuomalaisille_EN (PDF)