Finnish parliamentary elections 2023 – Remember to vote!


In the Finnish parliamentary elections, all Finnish citizens who turn 18 no later than Election Day are eligible to vote, regardless of their place of residence.

If you are entitled to vote in the parliamentary elections, you can choose from three voting options:

  • voting by post from abroad, if you live or are staying abroad throughout the parliamentary election period.
  • at any general polling station in Finland March 22-28, 2023 or overseas March 22-25, 2023.
  • on election day April 2, 2023 in Finland at the polling station which is marked in the voting register and the voter eligibility notice mailed to you. Polling stations are open 9am-8pm.

Option for postal voting

If you are entitled to vote and are living or staying abroad throughout the entire voting period of the upcoming parliamentary elections, you may vote by post:

  • see the instructions
  • order your postal voting documents. The link to the service where the documents can be found on the Finnish and Swedish webpages.

See also our video instructions on postal voting on the Ministry of Justice’s Youtube-canal:

You can only order the voting documents for yourself to an overseas address. This may also be a temporary one, if you are staying somewhere besides your permanent place of residence at the time of the elections.

It is easiest to order the postal voting documents via the Ministry of Justice’s electronic service. You can also order them by mail or email, but not by phone.

You can vote by post starting on March 2, 2023, as soon as the candidate numbers are published. Please send your vote in on time and remember to pay for the postage for your postal vote covering envelope. A postal vote, complete with a foreign postal stamp, must arrive at the correct central municipal election board in Finland by 7 pm on March 31, 2023. Votes arriving after the deadline will not be counted.

The name and address of your central municipal election board are indicated in your voter eligibility notice. If you do not have the notice, you can inquire about your municipality via the election service number or the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s service number, for instance.

The envelope must be posted from abroad. If it does not have a foreign postmark, your vote may be discarded.

Advance voting abroad

Eligible voters can vote in advance at any general advance polling station in Finland or abroad.

Overseas advance polling stations are Finnish embassies and their branch offices, as prescribed by law. Many of them are open during all four advance voting days. However, some may be open for a shorter period of time. The list of advance polling stations in Finland and abroad will be published at on January 20, 2023.

More information on parliamentary elections and more precise instructions on voting are available at

The Ministry of Justice’s Election Helpline (free of charge) provides information about elections and voting (open Mon-Fri 8am-4pm Finnish time)
+358 (0)800 9 4770 (in Finnish)
+358 (0)800 9 4771 (in Swedish)
WhatsApp messaging service: +358 (0)50 438 873

Important dates in the parliamentary elections 2023

January 2, 2023: Service where postal voting documents can be ordered abroad opens.

March 2, 2023: Postal voting begins; candidates and their candidate numbers are confirmed.

  • March 22–25, 2023: Advance voting abroad
  • March 22–28, 2023: Advance voting in Finland
  • March 31, 2023: Postal votes must arrive by 7 pm at the central municipal election board of each voter’s own municipality of residence or registration.
  • April 2, 2023 Election Day: On election day, all eligible voters must vote at their own polling station indicated in the voter eligibility notice that was mailed to them.
  • April 5, 2023: Election results are confirmed.