Finnish expatriates residing temporarily in Finland can get COVID-19 vaccination

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, many who have come to Finland for a temporary stay have been “stuck” here without the possibility to return to their country of residence due to travel restrictions and/or personal health issues. The Finland Society has received many questions from Finnish expatriates concerning vaccinations against COVID-19 and has been in contact with the Finnish authorities on this issue.

As published in a statement on 10th March 2021, the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health has given a recommendation to municipalities and joint municipal authorities to provide vaccinations against COVID-19 also to people who do not have a municipality of residence in Finland. The recommendation applies to all people without a municipality of residence in Finland, regardless of their country of residence, and to all who for other reasons do not have the right to preventive health treatment in Finland. However, the recommendation does not apply to tourists nor to short-term visitors.

To find out whether and how to get the vaccination, contact the municipality you stay in. The municipalities decide on the vaccinations on an individual basis.

Information in English about COVID-19 and vaccination in Finland are provided by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL on Vaccines and coronavirus -page.