Finnish Expatriate Parliament


The Finnish Expatriate Parliament’s 20th anniversary session in Helsinki on June 16-17, 2017. Photo: Petra Lönnqvist / Finland 100

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) was founded in 1997 to enable Finns living overseas to decide jointly on issues important for them. FEP activities are primarily directed toward Finnish decision-makers who are informed about the situation and views of expatriates and Finns abroad.

In the past 22 years the FEP assembly session already convened nine times in Helsinki. The next session will be held on June 11-12, 2020 at Finlandia Hall.

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament is a cooperative forum for expatriate Finnish communities. The FEP serves as a discussion channel between them and Finland. The FEP advocates the resolutions adopted by the parliament session, forwarding them to decision-makers. This way public administration and the legislative can better improve their conditions and observe their initiatives.

Participation in FEP activities is possible throughout the world via membership in any Finnish expatriate organisation which has ratified FEP By-laws. There are no commercial interests or economic obligations involved. Presently, 538 Finnish expatriate organisations in 36 countries participate in FEP activities.

FEP secretariat is provided by the Finland Society which works to advance FEP resolutions together with the eight regionally elected representatives who are the eight Deputy speakers of FEP Speakers’ Council. It is lead by the Speaker who is chairman of Finland Society.

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