Finnish Expatriate Parliament


The Finnish Expatriate Parliament’s 20th anniversary session in Helsinki on June 16-17, 2017. Photo: Petra Lönnqvist / Finland 100

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament (FEP) was founded in 1997 as a cooperative forum for expatriate communities, to enable Finns living overseas to make joint decisions on issues important for them.

The FEP activities are primarily directed toward Finnish officials, whom the parliament strives to inform about Finnish expatriates’ situation and lives in their countries of residence. The FEP serves as a discussion and information channel between Finland and expatriates.

The Finnish Expatriate Parliament seeks to influence the public administration to take expatriate Finns’ views into account when making decisions. Finnish expatriates’ joint decisions are forwarded from the FEP to Finnish officials and other public actors.

Any Finnish expatriate community throughout the world may take part in the FEP activities by ratifying its by-laws. There are no commercial interests or obligations involved. The parliament’s by-laws have so far been ratified by 531 Finnish expatriate communities in 39 countries.

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More information: Parliament Secretary Sini Castrén