Finnish Expatriate Choir CD Cover Art Competition

In December 2022, the Finnish expatriate choir will publish a CD entitled Yli rajojen / Across Borders. This CD will feature traditional choral music from Finland, music by Finns living abroad, as well as music of Finnic minority cultures such as the Kven, Ingrian, and Meänkieli cultures. The Finnish Expatriate Choir is looking for submissions for cover art for our CD. The image should relate to the theme “crossing borders”, or to the life of an expatriate Finn. We will announce the winning image in November 2022.

The Finnish Expatriate Choir includes singers from Europe and North America. Previous
recordings can bee seen on Youtube.

Conditions of participation

Who may enter: All expatriate Finns and/or singers in a Finnish expatriate choir may enter the competition.

Picture: The original picture can be a photograph, drawing or painting. Size of picture submissions should be 300 dpi or 3000×3000 pixels. Accepted formats are pdf and jpeg.

Copyright: The copyright of the pictures submitted must be held by the submitter. The winner of the competition gives the Finnish Expatriate Choir the rights to publish the picture free of charge on the CD cover, the CD itself, and for marketing of the CD in printed media and social media. The copyright will remain property of the artist.The name of the artist will be mentioned when publishing the picture.

Award for the winning image: $350

Deadline: Submit your art by August 15, 2022 to Eva-Christina Pietarinen at email: [email protected]