Published 24.9.2021, updated 14.12.2021

EU Digital Covid Certificate

Finland began using the EU Digital Covid Certificate during the summer of 2021. The document includes a certification of coronavirus vaccinations, coronavirus test results and/or recovery from Covid-19. The certificate can be used when crossing a border within the EU. Its purpose is to facilitate to safe, free movement. However, each country may decide what kind of Covid certificates it requires for people entering the country (for instance whether a coronavirus vaccination certificate is sufficient or whether a negative coronavirus test result is also required). Each EU country may also decide on other possible uses of the Covid certificate.

In Finland the EU Digital Covid Certificate has two functions: it serves as a Covid-19 passport and it can also be used when travelling. Since October 16, 2021, the Covid-19 pass has provided an alternative to regional coronavirus restrictions: the passport allows access to spaces and activities under restrictions such as restaurants and night clubs as well as various functions and events. However, no requirement to show the COVID-19 passport may be imposed in places that may be considered essential for living a normal life or enjoying statutory rights and services, such as pharmacies or retail outlets.

The EU certificates of a coronavirus test result and/or recovery from Covid-19 have been available online from the MyKanta service since July 14, 2021, and the EU coronavirus vaccination certificate since June 22, 2021. Individuals who cannot access MyKanta, or authorize another person to use it on their behalf, can obtain a printed coronavirus certificate from the healthcare facility where the vaccination or testing took place. EU citizens who do not have a Finnish personal identity number can also receive an EU-compliant coronavirus vaccination certificate or a test result certificate from a health center. The vaccination or test must have been administered in Finland.

Kindly note however, that some healthcare organizations cannot yet print out the EU Digital Covid Certificate. For this reason, these organizations will provide further local guidelines on how persons without Finnish personal identity codes can obtain a printed EU Digital Covid Certificate. One should contact the healthcare organization that administered the vaccine or provided the Covid-19 test for more detailed instructions.

EU coronavirus certificates issued in Finland include information in Finnish, Swedish and English. The certificate has a QR code with which the content and authenticity of the certificate can be checked. All EU certificates are free of charge.

Vaccinations and tests abroad

The EU corona certificate is generally obtained in the country where the vaccination was given. Since negative test results are valid for a short time, after being tested in the country of departure one should be tested again in the country of destination, if necessary. A certificate of having been infected with COVID-19 must be requested from the country where the positive test result was obtained.

Vaccinations administered in the EU

The EU Covid-19 vaccination certificate is generally obtained in the country where the vaccination was administered. EU countries must also issue certificates retroactively on request.

In principle, all vaccination doses should be taken in the same country. However, if a person has received the first dose of the vaccine series abroad, it is possible to obtain a second dose of vaccine in Finland. This can be done especially if the person’s first vaccine dose was administered in another EU country.

If a person has obtained the doses of the vaccination series in different EU countries, he or she can obtain a certificate for a full vaccination series in the country where the last vaccine dose was given.

Vaccinations administered outside the EU

People who have received a certification of coronavirus vaccination in a non-EU country can use the digital Covid-19 certification issued by that country in the EU the same way as the EU Covid-19 certificate if the EU and the country in question have agreed on the certificates’ compatibility.

At the moment, the following non-EU countries (and territories) have signed an agreement with the EU on Covid certificates: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Cabo Verde, El Salvador, Faroe Islands, Georgia, Israel, Iceland, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Monaco, Morocco, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Norway, Panama, San Marino, Serbia, Singapore, Switzerland, Togo, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and The Vatican. The COVID Certificates issued in those 28 countries (and territories) are accepted in the EU under the same conditions as the EU Digital COVID Certificate. Likewise, the EU Digital COVID Certificate is accepted by those 28 countries.

If the country in question has not signed an agreement on the vaccination certificates’ compatibility, an individual can ask a municipal health official to submit an EU Covid vaccination certificate. Each municipality provides information to its residents on local procedures in submitting EU coronavirus vaccination certificates. To obtain a vaccine certificate, it is advisable to be in touch with the local healthcare facility by phone, since practices on where the certificate can be obtained vary from one municipality to another. The EU vaccination certificate may be submitted only on vaccines for which the European Commission has issued a trading license or which are on the emergency list of the World Health Organization (WHO). More information on the approved vaccines: Vaccine series accepted in Finland – THL

One should note, however, that certificates are not issued to tourists or other visitors visiting Finland for a short period of time. For this reason, if a Finnish citizen arrives in Finland with his/her family from a non-EU country only for a visit, they are not necessarily eligible for a coronavirus vaccination certificate obtained at a healthcare facility even if they had received a full vaccination series approved in Finland, because they are only in the country for a short stay.

We have also received information, that not all Finnish municipalities are for the present able to issue EU coronavirus certificates for approved vaccinations given outside the EU, even for permanent residents of Finland.

People who cannot obtain an EU coronavirus vaccination certificate for a short trip, for instance, may obtain an EU coronavirus certificate for a negative test result by taking a Covid-19 test in Finland.

Each traveler must check the requirements of the country of their destination and take special precautions

In general, international travel should still be avoided, as the coronavirus situation is still bad in many countries, and the prevalence of the virus and regional restrictions may change very unexpectedly.

Before leaving for a trip, one must carefully determine which coronavirus certificate is required for entering the country of destination, and any possible transit countries. In addition, the traveler must monitor the coronavirus situation and instructions in the destination country and any transit countries. Travel instructions and restrictions for EU countries are listed on the Re-open EU website.

Coronavirus tests for travel abroad from Finland are carried out at private healthcare facilities. These tests are subject to a fee. Tests carried out in the private sector are also shown on the EU test certificate, available at MyKanta. Tests performed when returning to Finland are free of charge in public health care. It is advisable to book the return test in advance through the FINENTRY service.

In general, one should take special care when traveling. The coronavirus situation in various countries and regions may change abruptly.

*) MyKanta is an online service for citizens, showing information on patients and their medication recorded by healthcare facilities.

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