90 years of Finnish club and theatre life in Toronto


The 90th Anniversary Publication of the Finnish Social Club and the Toronto Finnish Theatre Company is a beautifully illustrated and written book which genuinely reflects the life and social activities of Finnish immigrants from the time before the wars to the present day. The book provides a rich and unique take on the Finns and their integration into the Canadian society and how these clubs provided a clear identity and a feeling of belonging together for the newly-arrived immigrants. The preservation of the Finnish culture and traditions was very important to the immigrant community. The numerous awards and accolades, which the Finnish theatre achieved within the Canadian multicultural scene, come alive brilliantly.
Having lived in Toronto for a long time, author Irina Ilmokari has researched and studied the history of the Finnish immigrant community and now provides a beautiful narrative about these clubs and their activities. The book is aimed at club members, their relatives and researchers of immigration history. The book is based on personal interviews and written material found in the archives. Numerous color photos and newspaper clippings add to the readers’ enjoyment. The book is published in English and will soon be available for sale at Suomi-Seura’s online store. Inquiries: irina9@sympatico.ca

Text: Irina Ilmokari Images: Front and back covers Finnish-Canadian Social & Theatre Life