Finland Society


Are you a Finn living abroad, an emigrant? Are you planning to move abroad for work, studies or as an exchange student or do you want to know more about migration or matters concerning Finns abroad? Are you returning to Finland?
Welcome to the Finland Society!

The membership includes a number of benefits, such as
-the bi-monthly magazine Finland Bridge
-advice on moving abroad and returning to Finland
-contacts with Suomi-Schools and Finnish networks around the world
-country guides and training days at reduced members´prices
-discounts on products and services of numerous companies

Membership dues are 35 Euro (40 USD) for a regular member per calendar year, family member 17 Euro (20 USD). You can pay with your credit card (Visa, Eurocard, MasterCard) on our website or you can contact our local representative or membership secretary closest to you. You will find their names and addresses as well as the amount of the membership dues in local currency by clicking the link below.


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